Thursday, January 5, 2012

A 'winter' afternoon

It is 65 degrees, the sliding doors are open to the balcony and blue sky, the neighbors' lemon and orange trees are in full fruit, I'm listening to this and this and this, and life is good.

Today was also a weird coincidence of my colorful meals matching the rest of my life...

Beet, clementine, and avocado salad Avocado on toast
(and my purple Rich+Skinny jeans) (and my beloved green kitchen chairs)

The salad was an attempt at this one from the January 2012 Runner's World, though it was pretty bland-- and looks nothing like the picture, even if you try. As is my opinion with almost everything, I think it'd be better on toast.

Speaking of which, I bought $11 walnut oil for this RW recipe (and decided, wisely, to nix the raspberry vinegar and inch-long piece of black licorice. Come on, people... I can't afford to spend $25 on specialty things, it just needs to taste good.) Back to the walnut oil: I bought it, it didn't make a difference, and now my pantry is all dressed up with nowhere to go. Enter the miracle of avocado on toast: two pieces of whole-wheat sourdough, a quarter of an avocado, and a drizzle of walnut oil, and behold:

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