Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One year.

It's been over a year since I set up this blog, wrote one post, and promptly forgot about it, as I thought I would.

But I'm back.

The past year has been busy-- two jobs and two majors, and then over the past summer, I somehow decided that it would be a good idea to start a full-time job, move to a new apartment, and train for a marathon all at the same time. Breathing room? Pshhhhh.

I don't remember many meals I've had in the past year, though there were plenty of rice pudding cravings, 10pm dinners of fried eggs on toast with salsa, and random cooking binges where I'd spend a whole Sunday in the kitchen and then stock the freezer full of random breads and soups that I'd pick at over the next few months. I went through a cherry and blueberry pie baking craze, along with tons of fruit salads. And then I moved, essentially a two-month-long ordeal, and kind of lost my footing in the process.

Last week, I inherited a CSA box full of things like green kohlrabi and twelve baby squashes and a billion tomatoes. The day before I went out of town for a wedding. And let me tell you, if you need something to jump start your creativity in the kitchen, 25 pounds of random produce about to go bad does just the trick. I made curried carrot soup, zucchini pizza, watermelon salad, kohlrabi greens with sesame oil, couscous with cherry tomatoes and fresh corn, and chocolate zucchini bread. It's been a week, and I'm not even close to being halfway through the damn box.

Right now, this blog is for myself-- a small log of things I'm doing, from cooking to running to small projects and weekend adventures. It takes a certain type to want to take photos in public and have their own photo online, and I'm not so sure that's me. It's intimidating having all that splashed on the internet, and I don't even know if I want people reading it. But I've always journaled, and I want it down somewhere. Et voila.

I've been at this new apartment for exactly a month now, and this weekend will be my first one actually at home before I go out of town again for 10 days. So. I'm finally settling into a new routine, new blog, new plan. Here we go.

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